God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be just like Jesus. Max Lucado

Walking in God’s Favor: Love God with all your soul, and with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself. Luke 20:27 NIV

We empower others to grow when they can see a living example. Nothing is more discouraging than a person  who gives good advice but sets a poor example.  On the other hand, nothing can be more encouraging or inspiring than a person who lives the life he or she talks about.

Level 4 stewards internally recognize the importance of being who you say you are. Personal integrity has a tremendous impact on our own lives and those around us. In my early 30’s, as a young husband and father,  I made a decision  I would not teach or speak publicly about principles I was not practicing in my own life.

This idea to be transparent in my public life  has help me to set positive examples of faithful stewardship in how I prioritize my time,  develop my God- given gifts,  care for my body-temple and invest my financial resources.    Spending quality time with my spouse, attending my children and grandchildren events,  exercising and eating healthy foods, budgeting our personal finances, along with setting business goals has required me to consider who I am and the example I’m leaving others to follow.

Prayer of Blessings: Thank you Creator God for loving me without limits.

Michael Vance is a senior account executive  with Hundley Batts & Associates and the co-founder of stewardshipofwealth.com. Ardella Vance is  a gifted educator and  a Master Guide in the Pathfinders  Club a global organization empowered to teach life and leadership skills to young people.  The Vance’s have been married well over 25 years and share their lives with four adult children and four grandchildren. They currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama.

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