Do you seek wisdom from mature Christians who are faithful?

As Christians we get our instructions and directions in  life from the BIBLE. (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth). Biblical principles can teach us the following:  How to communicate with God; How to overcome our struggles;  How to love and forgive ourselves as well as others; and how to relate to wealth.

Its unfortunate that when it comes to making financial decisions, we often seek solutions to our financial struggles from the secular financial world. Regardless of your skin color, the level of your education, or the amount of income you earn, following the popular advice of  American Greed or other secular resources, can often lead you away from God’s best for your life. Think about it; How much faith does it really take to get into debt?

We don’t sit down and consciously decide to borrow ourselves into financial bondage. Usually we are influenced by listening to others who are in financial bondage themselves and appear to be enjoying it. You know what I mean?

Your friend or family member buys a new car with the leather package, GPS , satellite radio, heated seats and sun roof. They give you a ride…and of course you ask how much they paid for it. They explain how easily the dealership leased the vehicle to them so they could afford the payments. You think to yourself, “I can afford that”  and you run down to the dealership to join the ranks of our consumer driven society that is fueled by consumer debt.

Bottom line is, we are a generation that has forgotten or never learned how to financially discipline ourselves to save for purchases and avoid debt. I challenge you to raise your financial IQ. Read the word of God and Christian authors who share God’s plan for relating to money. One of my favorite books that I recommend on finances, is by Lee Jenkins entitled, “Taking Care of Business”.

Surround yourself with faithful stewards who are givers and savers. As you learn how to become more fiscally wise, share what you learn with family members and others in your sphere of influence. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.  Remember, keep praying, keep believing,  with God all things are possible.

Thanks for stopping by.  We welcome you to post how seeking wisdom from mature Christians who are faithful, has helped you become a better steward of your wealth.



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