Do you want to win in your financial Life? By Michael & Ardella Vance

If you are really really really ready to become a better steward of your wealth you must be willing to go through the process of increasing your financial IQ. It’s been said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, expecting a different result”.

We challenge you to open your mind to raising your financial intelligence.  We recommend attending a Financial Peace University Class ( )  a 13 week class that teaches biblical principles for handling money.  We promise you, your financial life will never be the same.

Ardella and I are helping meaningful others learn how to manage their money wisely by facilitating the Financial Peace University curriculum . Ardella and I personally were able to pay off over $70,000 of debt in 48 months by learning to use the debt snowball. We experience a three-step process of becoming dedicated, disciplined and diligent in order to receive our financial deliverance from the bondage of debt.

The first step was becoming dedicated in desiring to get out of the bondage of debt. We made becoming debt free a priority in our  prayer life. We asked God to renew our hearts and minds so the we could have a desire to live debt free.

The second step was disciplining our money habits, we give our money a mission. We began spending our money on paper, on purpose before the month begin by making a cash flow plan and using the debt snow ball.

The third step was diligence in working our financial plan. It took us 48 months of faithful diligence, discipline and dedication before we begin to experience  deliverance from financial bondage. The journey out of this mess didn’t happen over night and neither was the trip into it.

We thank God for answering our prayers and bringing us to this place of deliverance and healing. There are many married couples who cannot agree on how to handle their money who argue with one another, manipulate one another or just avoid one another. Unfortunately, many of these  couples end up destroying their marriage because of money.

Practicing biblical principles for handling money has empowered us financially and spiritually. We have no desire to spend money in order to prove to the world we have arrived. More importantly we are free to serve and give to God cheerfully without the financially bondage of debt in our lives. There is financial peace in our home.

Thank you for stopping by. We welcome you to post how increasing your financial IQ has helped you to become a better stewards of your wealth.

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