Are you walking in God’s favor? By Michael & Ardella Vance

Living a  life of surplus is a great place to be. Ardella and I have journeyed through the process of learning how to put our faith in God and not the blessings he (Wealth, Education, Social Capital and Good Health)  We have learned how to walk in faith when experiencing life struggles and the storms of life. Faith is the ability to walk past your current reality, while anticipating a fabulous future.

To walk in God’s favor you must develop the inner discipline it takes to delay immediate gratification by surrendering lordship of your life to God. The faithful stewards can say “no” to the person in the mirror and “yes” to the will of God. Faithful stewards first seek and desires God’s blessings to shower down over their lives.

You can count on a faithful steward to give generously from a place of love. You can not stop a faithful steward from giving.  Giving is a part of their lifestyle, it is in their spiritual DNA.  I heard someone say,  “Old stewards never die. They just give themselves away”.  He, who is forgiven much, loves much. He, who loves much, gives much.

Ardella and I have learned how to wisely look around the corner and plan for the storms of life or 5D’s (Disaster, Disability, Downsizing, Deployment and Death). We openly share how to prepare for the storms of life  or the 5D’s at our community  financial empowerment sessions.  Faithful stewards must learn how to forecast and plan for their financial future 5, 10, and 20 years down the road.

Faithful stewards constantly strives to improve and enjoy a higher relationship with the Creator each year, each month, each week, each day, each hour, each minute and each second of their lives. They truly understands that God is the  Creator/Owner and we are only stewards/caretakers.

Ardella and I know who has brought us financially to this point in our lives and we remember where we were in the years past.  Our daily prayer is ” O Mighty God, teach us to be your faithful servants”.  We encourage your faithfulness to God and to walk in his favor. Your life can become a great example to the world of what a Mighty God can do in the lives of his people.

Thank you for stopping by. We welcome you to post how walking in God’s favor has helped you to become a better steward of your wealth.

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