Are You Growing In Patience? By Michael & Ardella Vance

There are no short cuts to Level 4 Stewardship. You must be willing to  go through the process. Gospel music icon James Cleveland wrote a song that says ” Please be patient with me. God is not through with me yet.” Level 4 Stewardship is a lifelong journey not a destination.

I believe there is a higher power working in our lives even when we can’t see it or don’t believe it.  One of my favorite biblical leaders is Joseph. Reading his life story is absolutely  incredible. Joseph’s own brothers put him in a pit to die, then decided it was smarter to sell him into slavery for money. He served 14 years in prison. He was falsely accused of sexual harassment by his boss’s wife. His partners in prison forgot their promises they made to help him when they were released from prison.

With all this history at the young age of 32  Joseph became one of the most powerful and wealthiest men in Egypt”;  second only to Pharaoh. Joseph shows us the power of patience when you have purpose in your life. Inside of  Joseph ‘s heart the seeds of greatness was planted when he was only 17 years old.  He didn’t  know when or how long it would take to mature. So when the storms of life came upon Joseph he kept his confidence in the Higher Power working on his behalf.

Growth is often a painful and scary process. When the Creator calls us to level 4 Stewardship, we sometimes feel uneasy and uncomfortable with ourselves. Like Joseph we  can trust in the Higher Power in our lives.  Our Creator will do whatever is best for our good and will ultimately give Him glory. Like Joseph we can ultimately say “what others meant for evil, God meant for Good.

After raising four successful children of our own. Ardella and I understands the power of  patience and prayer when you have teenagers in your home. When your authority  is challenged, your sanity  is questioned  and your energy level is depleted it takes patience to love the blessings of parenthood.

Remember if the Creator calls you to Level 4 Stewardship, he has already equipped you to handle going thorough the process.  The process is not graded on the speed of your growth as much as is it on how strong you become. God will use your entire lifetime to prepare you for eternity. As you travel this spiritual discovery of Level 4 stewardship keep in mind masterpieces takes time.

Thank you for stopping by. We welcome you to post the way patience has helped you to become a better steward of your wealth.

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