Do You Have The Heart Of A Servant? By Ardella & Michael Vance

To think like a servant requires a change of heart. A servant thinks more of how I can serve others rather than myself. Once we have acquired a servant’s heart, we no longer focus on our own needs so much, but turn our hearts to the needs of others.

I clearly remember walking into my office twenty-one years ago as a young insurance agent disappointed with my sales production I had closed for the  month. I knocked on Mr. Hundley Batts  door and asked if I could speak to him for a moment.  Mr.  Batts I have been out selling all day long and  cannot find anyone to sell insurance too.

Hundley Batts replied that’s your problem son, find people you can serve. Those five words ” Find people you can serve” changed my whole entire paradigm on how I operate my business.  These days eighty percent of my business comes from referral business of people who are satisfied with my service.

Level 4 Stewardship is one of the best ways to describe the heart of a servant. Many faithful stewards begin their spiritual discovery as servants however they end up as  celebrities. The become addicted to the spotlight, unaware that constantly being in the lime light can blind you.

There are four areas of life the Level 4 Steward focuses:

#1 How we care for our body(temple)

#2 How we invest our time

#3 How we develop our talents or gifts

#4 How we manage our treasure (financial assets)

This is a holistic approach to service. God wants all of you – not just little pieces of you.  Level 4 Stewards accepts the truth that God owns it all, and we are only caretakers, managers and apprentices . The Level 4 Stewards thinks like servants not like owners.

Can you be trusted with wealth, power and social capital? The heart of the Level 4 Steward is in giving service to God. Level 4 Stewards makes sure their lives honors  God and makes the planet a much better place to live.

Thank you for stopping by. We welcome you to post your thoughts of how serving others has help you to become a better steward of your wealth.

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