Does Love Motivate Your Decisions? By Michael & Ardella Vance

Level 4 stewards have discovered in their  spiritual journey that God’s nature is love.  That He gives each of us the freedom to discover his loving nature for our own selves.  The Creator freely gives us opportunities to experience His divine love.  Level 4 steward understand that He only wants what is best for our good and His glory.

Our Creator has a purpose for your life and He is calling you to a higher level of stewardship. I love what the book of Jeremiah says in chapter 29 verse 11. “I know the plan I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans for your hope and a future”. Wow! Now that is the kind of God I choose to worship.  I know He has everything under control. When we learned to let go and let God….that’s when things started happening.

I clearly remember when I begin the process of looking for a life partner. I prayed that the woman who I planned to marry would be someone who truly loved God.  That she would be someone I could spiritually connect with. It was very important to me that we shared our love for God with one another. I was raised in a home where I observed my parents praying  to God with one another, worshiping God with one another, and trusting in God with one another. That seemed to be high priority in their relationship.

I am so thankful for God bringing Ardella into my life. Every area I have allowed Ardella to touch in my life has turned to gold. I have prospered in my spiritual life, family life, professional life and financially  life.  Over the years God has blessed our marriage, our family and our lives as we continue to grow more in love with Him as well as each other.

Level 4 Stewards have learned to make intimacy with God their highest priority. God is faithful. He love us with an unending love. There are no boundaries to God’s love for each of us.

Thanks for stopping by. We  welcome you to post a comment on how love has helped you to become a better stewards of your wealth.

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