Our 2011 Year Reading List – By Michael & Ardella Vance

Welcome to the stewardshipofwealth.com blog. We encourage you to post the wisdom and insights you have learned from your journey of becoming a better steward of your wealth.  Your comments can play a significant role in encouraging others to grow in areas of lives they need confirmation and clarity.

Here are some suggested reading for your comments on the SOW blog.

  1. Success God’s Way- Charles Stanley
  2. 40 Days to Life of G.O.L.D.  – Ed Gray
  3. 7  Strategies for Wealth & Happiness – Jim Rohn
  4. It’s Your Money, Isn’t It? – G. Edward Reid
  5. The Power to Prosper –  Michelle Singletary
  6. Thinking for a Change – John C. Maxwell
  7. The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren
  8. Thou Shall Prosper – Daniel Lapin
  9. Too Blessed to Be Broke – Joseph W. Walker, III
  10. No More Excuses – Tony Evans
  11. Taking Care of Business – Lee Jenkins
  12. More than Enough – Dave Ramsey

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